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Good day to you!

I dressed him; God healed him.' - Ambroise Par�

As a young graduate, unsure of the future,  I  joined Prof.B.Ramamurthi, a pioneer Neurosurgeon in India, as he was setting up a neurosurgical department at VHS Medical center, Madras, on the 24th of April,1978.

'Great teachers don't teach, they inspire'. He did.



I dedicate this site to my parents,

Antony and Sunthari Cruz

who led me on thru' paths of life to

perfection's goal, in life and ever!


Following my initial five years with Prof. B. Ramamurthi, I went abroad and worked in Dublin and various centers in England. I obtained F.R.C.S and Diplomate of National Board during my stay in England.   

On my return to India in 1993, I joined Apollo hospital, Chennai (Madras) as a consultant Neurosurgeon and started Aneurismal surgery, anterior approaches to the spines, Transoral  and Transnaso-sphenoidal procedures in the city of Madras (Chennai) on a regular basis. Later, I rejoined VHS as well.

I was refused admission to  neurosurgical post graduate course in Madras for years, at a time when it was one of the easiest things for a medical graduate. That, perhaps, was the reason for my going abroad and certainly is the reason for this site. 

This is a collection of lecture notes by various contributors. I do not think references really help the readers; instead, I have provided a  search engine  for Evidence based information  thanks to Google, with a collection of premier Neurological journals at the end of each chapter. I do hope it will be of help to the young neurosurgeons. 

'Only union of Medicine and Surgery constitutes the complete doctor;

the doctor who lacks the knowledge of one of these branches is like a bird with only one wing'.

-  Sushrutha...ancient Indian Surgeon (click for his legacy).

I thank my friends for  helping me host this site. 

    Thanks for visiting.�



A. Vincent Thamburaj, 

updated on the 22th of September, 2020.






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