Intracranial pressure.

Blood brain barrier.

Assisted ventilation in Neurosurgery.

Brain edema & brain protection.

Dementia & Normal pressure hydrocephalus.

Principles of Neuroanesthesia.

Sodium in Neurosurgery.

Nutrition in Neurosurgery.

Corticosteroids in Neurology.

Medical Ethics.

Ethics in critical care.

Brain death &  organ donors.

Paper presentation.

Computers in Neurosciences.

Computers in clinical practice.

Telemedicine in India.



Ocular movements.

Diplopia and ocular palsies

Head injury & neuro--ophthalmology

Optic glioma

Orbital tumors

Benign intracranial hypertension


Neural Tube Defects.


Developmental cysts in CNS.



Cranio-vertebral junction anomalies.


Bacterial (pyogenic) infections of the CNS.

Cerebral tuberculosis.

Spinal tuberculosis.

Fungal infections of the CNS.

Viral & AIDs related infections of the CNS.


Echinococcosis & other rare CNS infections.

HIV & Neurology.


Helmet or Hell met?.

Pre-hospital management of head injury.

Pathophysiology & medical management of head injury.

Traumatic intracranial hematomas.

Skull fractures.

Post-traumatic syndrome.


Subarchnoid hemorrhage.

Intracranial aneurysms.

Cerebral AVMs.

Cerebral cavernomas

Venous angiomas & others.

Intracranial dural AVMs.

Caroticocavernous fistulas.

Spinal AVMs.

Acute ischemic stroke.

Cerebral Venous infarcts.

Spontaneous intracerebral hematoma

Surgery for cerebral ischemia.

Endovascular Neurosurgery.


Brain Tumors-an overview

Genetics & Brain Tumors.

Immunohistochemistry in CNS.

Introduction to molecular biology & genetherapy.

Radiotherapy in CNS.

Chemotherapy in CNS.


Oligodendrogliomas & Gliomas of unknown origin.

Brainstem Gliomas.


Choroid Plexus Tumors.


Embryonal Tumors.

Germ cell Tumors.

Neuronal & Glioneuronal Tumors.

Pineal Tumors.



Pituitary adenomas.


Empty sella syndrome.

Intracranial Schwannomas. 

Jugular foramen lesions.

Neurology & Systemic Cancer.

Cerebral Lymphomas.

CNS Melanosis.

Pediatric brain tumors.

Skull tumors.

Spinal cord tumors.

Sarcomas & other rare Tumors.

Tumor-like (arachnoid & others) cysts.

Colloid cyst.

Dandy-Walker cyst.

Neuroenteric cysts.

Dermoids & Epidermoids.

Management of Gliomas.

Surgery for acoustic neuroma.

Transoral approaches to the skull base.

Craniofacial approach to the anterior skull base.

Surgery of the middle skull base.

Infratemporal approaches to the skull base.

Transtemporal approaches to the skull base.


Cervical spondylosis.

Thoracic disc prolapse.

Lumbar disc prolapse.

Lumbar spondylosis.

Spinal metastases


Stereotactic Neurosurgery.

Surgery for Parkinsonism.

Linac radiosurgery-a Physicist's role.


Epilepsy for the Neurosurgeons. 

Surgery for Epilepsy. 

Pain-physiology & management.

Spasticity-pathogenesis & management.

Neurogenic bladder.

 ...more will follow.